1.How to Play

All players kick-start the game by placing an initial bet in the 'Boot', the prize pot. Three cards are dealt face down to each player. It's your strategy: play 'Seen' and glimpse your cards or go 'Blind' keeping them a mystery. 

Starting 'Blind'? You can switch to 'Seen' later in the game.

If you're 'Blind', bet at least the minimum stake. Going 'Seen'? Double that stake bet!

The players are required to place their bets until the following events occur:

Scenario 1: Everyone except one player has folded, in this case, the last surviving player wins the round.

Scenario 2: Everyone except two players have folded. In this case, one of the players must call Show and reveal both cards in their hands.

Victory Awaits for the last player standing to grab the prize pot. When only two remain, a daring "Show" reveals their cards. The mightiest hand reigns supreme. A tie? The one who called for the Show is out of luck.

2.How many players can play at a time?

A maximum of 5 players can play at a table.

3.What does "Call/Chaal" mean?

It allows a player to continue in the game by placing a bet. The bet amount differs based on whether the player is "blind" (hasn't seen their cards) or "seen" (has looked at their cards.

4.How can I raise my bet?

You can raise your bet amount to either 2x or 4x using the "Raise" button.

5.What does "Fold" mean?

To "fold" is to discard one's hand, forfeiting interest in the current pot and any chips already put into it.

6.What is a "Side Show"?

It's a strategic move where a "seen" player requests to compare their cards with the previous "seen" player's cards. However, the request can be accepted or declined.

  • When can you use it?

If there are more than 3 players at the table and you've seen your cards (meaning you're a 'seen' player), after placing your bet, you have the option to request a "Side Show" with the player who bet just before you.

  • How much does it cost?

Requesting a side show isn't free. To initiate it, you're required to put twice the current table stake into the pot.

  • What happens next?

The player you've requested a side show from has the choice to either accept or decline.

Accepted: Both players will then compare their cards privately. If your cards rank better than or are equal to the other player's cards, the other player has to pack (fold). If your cards are of lower rank, then you must pack.

Declined: The game proceeds as usual with no cards being revealed. Who can request a side show? Only seen players can request or be asked for a side show. Blind players are excluded from this move.

Remember, the side show is a risk-reward strategy. It can give you a potential edge, but it also comes with a cost. Use it wisely to maximize your chances of winning!

10. How do I decide whether to play 'Seen' or 'Blind'?

It's a strategy. Starting 'Blind'? You can switch to 'Seen' later in the game. The bet amount differs based on your choice.

11.How is the game's winner determined?

The last player standing grabs the prize pot. When only two players remain, their cards are revealed, and the player with the better hand wins.

12.How do I decide how much to buy-in for a table?

Each table has a set Min-Buy and Max-Buy. Players can choose any amount between these two values.

13.Can I add more money during the game?

Yes, just click on the "Buy in more" button under your profile picture during the game.

14.Can I switch from playing Blind to Seen?

Yes, if you start as a Blind player, you can opt to see your cards at any time and continue playing as a Seen player.

15.What is the betting amount for Blind and Seen players?

If you play as Blind, you must bet at least the minimum stake. If you play as Seen, you must bet twice the minimum stake amount.

16.How does a round end in Teen Patti?

A round ends in two scenarios:

  • Scenario 1:** All players except one have folded. The last player wins the round.

  • Scenario 2:** Only two players remain, and one calls for a Show, revealing both sets of cards.

17.When can a Show occur?

A show can only take place when only two players are left at the table.

18.What happens during a Show?

Both players reveal their cards. The player with the higher card combination wins. If there's a tie, the one who called for the Show loses.

19.What happens if two players have the same card value during a Sideshow?

If the card values are equal, the player who initiated the Sideshow must fold immediately.

20.How to report abuse?

Please click on the player's profile and use the Report option. If possible always add a screenshot and explanation with the email.

21.What if I am missing chips?

Please email us at teenpatti.dev@dynamicnext.com with the approximate time and a small description of what happened.

22.What if I forgot my login?

Please email us to teenpatti.dev@dynamicnext.com with the exact account name, buddy code and VIP Token purchase receipts.