How to Play Teen Patti?

All players kick-start the game by placing an initial bet in the 'Boot', the prize pot. Three cards are dealt face down to each player. It's your strategy: play 'Seen' and glimpse your cards or go 'Blind' keeping them a mystery.


Starting 'Blind'? You can switch to 'Seen' later in the game.

If you're 'Blind', bet at least the minimum stake. Going 'Seen'? Double that stake bet!

The players are required to place their bets until the following events occur:

Scenario 1: Everyone except one player has packed; in this case, the last surviving player wins the round.

Scenario 2: Everyone except two players has packed. In this case, one of the players must call Show and reveal both cards in their hands.

Victory awaits the last player standing to grab the prize pot. When only two remain, a daring "Show" reveals their cards. The mightiest hand reigns supreme. A tie? The one who called for the Show is out of luck.

Game Features


When a player chooses to "chaal" ,they are opting to continue in the game and place a bet. A blind player can chaal by placing a bet that is equal to the current stake or up to twice the current stake. Being "blind" means the player has not yet seen their cards. A seen player, one who has viewed their cards, can chaal by placing a bet that is twice the current stake or up to four times the current stake. By making a chaal, players signify that they want to continue in the round without packing their cards. The stakes increase as players make their moves.

Chaal 2x&4x

You can raise your bet amount using the Chaal 2x & Chaal 4x buttons.


To "pack" means to discard one's hand and forfeit interest in the current pot. When you pack, you cannot win the pot, and you also relinquish any chips you have already put into it. Packing can be a strategic move. Knowing when to pack can save a player a significant amount of money over the long run.

Side Show

The sideshow adds another layer of strategy to Teen Patti, allowing players to make more informed decisions and introducing a risk-reward dynamic. In Teen Patti, if there are more than 3 players in the table, "Side Show" is a move a player can choose when they want to compare their cards with the cards of the previous player who is playing as seen. If you've seen your cards (you're a 'seen' player), after betting, you can ask the player who bet immediately before you for a side show. However, it is up to that player to accept or decline your request. A side show is not free. To request a side show, you must pay twice the current table stake into the pot.

The player you've requested a side show from can either accept or refuse. If they accept, both players will privately compare their cards. If they decline the request, the game continues, and no cards are shown.

In the case where the side show is accepted and if your cards are better than or equal to the other player's cards, that player must pack. If your cards are worse, you must pack. A blind player cannot ask for or be asked for a side show. The side show option is only available between two seen players.


If only two players remain and one of them pays for a show, the two players' cards are compared. The player with the better hand wins the pot.

Max Pot and Max Bet  

This usually refers to the total amount of money or chips that have been bet and are currently in the pot. Each table has a maximum pot limit. Once this limit is reached, the game will automatically progress to the showdown to declare a winner. However, it's essential to note that all players must complete an equal number of rounds before the showdown can begin. Therefore, in some instances, the pot may exceed the designated maximum pot limit.

Spin &Win And Slot Wheel

Slot chips can be used at the jackpot, and the chips you receive depend on the combination you land. For the spinning wheel, employ spin coins to acquire chips. The auto-spin feature is available for both the casino and the spinning wheel, enabling automatic spins. Additionally, activate the 5x option on both the casino machine and the spinning wheel to quintuple your rewards.


Badges are earned by completing tasks listed in the BADGES menu. All the earned badges will be displayed in the player's profile. There are rewards for earning badges too.


A player's unique Buddy Code will be displayed here. This buddy code can be shared with other player's to add them as your buddy. Buddies can gift Chips to their buddies. Buddies will be listed and the Gifts received will be listed too.

My replays

My replays will have a list of recent games played by the player and also a list of the live games going on. Players can revisit the old games and also visit current tables and watch other players go at each other.

World Chat

World Chat is Global Shoutbox. Players from around the world can chat here. There is an Event tab is present too, displaying live games and milestones achieved. Players can visit the tables from this tab.