Getting Started

Teen Patti meaning ‘’Three Cards'', is a popular card game.

The game begins with each player placing a fixed boot into the pot. The dealer then hands out three face-down cards to every participant. The maximum number of players in the table will be 5.

Prior to dealing the cards, the boot amount is determined and gathered from each player.

A player may see or choose not to see the card, and based on it, the bet amount to be placed is decided. A player can call/chaal, chaal (2x, 4x), or pack on each round. The game ends when “show” is asked, and the player with the best card wins the pot. A player also has the option of requesting a side show. The asked player can either accept or deny the request. If he accepts, both players will secretly show each other's cards. The player with the worst hand ranking will then be eliminated while the game continues.